Stimulate your lateral thinking as you assess your current situation with regard to particular areas of your life and then consider possible options to bring about major improvements.

Goals are set to achieve a multiple of TEN times the current situation.

eg: Ten Times more, a ten-fold result or in the case of debt 1/10th of the current debt.

Thus - Times 10 or X10 or EXTEN

This simple yet powerful program progresses through 5 steps to a summary and ‘To Do List’ of changes required to reach a ten fold improvement in any of eleven areas:-

This program has been produced by Trevor and Annie Boulton using the principles and experience gained from over 20 years of teaching ‘Lateral Thinking, Business Planning and Personal Recovery’ to corporate clients, government organisations and community groups in many countries.

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We are providing you with this PC software program free of charge and are happy for you to copy and distribute it to anyone you feel could benefit from it. Please do not sell it, either alone or as part of any other program.

If you have gained any insight or assistance from using this program we would appreciate an e-mail from you.

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  · Personal appearance
    · Nutrition, exercise and health
    · Mental and emotional state
    · Relaxation and leisure time
    · Family relationships
    · Social relationships
    · Work relationships
    · Vocational achievement
    · Financial security
    · Spiritual journey
    · Personal satisfaction
EXTENsive Thought - How to Apply Lateral Thinking to Various Areas of Your Life
Keeping it all in balance   Body - Mind - Spirit